We depend on the courage and conviction of men the world over to share their stories and serve as role models for others.  This award honors an individual who not only chose to get a vasectomy, but inspired others to do the same.

2016 – Kenya, George Mbogah

In 2012, George Mbogah traveled 26 hours by bus to get a vasectomy so that his wife would not have to risk a pregnancy in the future. Jonathan Stack , who had accompanied Dr. Doug Stein on an NSVI mission to Kenya was so moved by George’s story, where a man undertakes an act of love on behalf of his family, that he woke upinspired to start World Vasectomy Day and to aggregate the good intentions of such men around the world. The following year, World Vasectomy Day was celebrated in 24 countries during 24 hours with almost a thousand men taking this heroic step in celebration of the day. George has continued to inspire men in Kenya and elsewhere by his example and authentic personal story, which he shares widely in support of vasectomy. Thank you, George, for this growing movement, which today will be celebrated in 42 countries during 24 plus hours and with ten thousand expected to join the ranks of responsible men everywhere. Thank you, George, for your wisdom and heartfelt expression of the founding principles of our movement.

2017 – Mexico, Ulises Cruz Gama

The award to the patient who represents the ideal of a hero and a responsible man this year goes to Ulises Cruz Gama, a fireman whose heroism after the recent earthquake in Mexico City saved lives and has made him a hero among Mexicans, who suffered this tremendous tragedy only two months ago. Gama, as we call him, was also a hero in the earthquake of 1985, where news coverage from that era shows him exhausted, working tirelessly to find people buried in the rubble. He had his vasectomy 15 years ago, and has been an ambassador for the procedure, and at the same time is the ideal for anyone who thinks that having a vasectomy compromises anyone’s masculinity. We are so happy to have met this great man, who represents every man who has the courage to make this sacrifice for the sake of his wife, his children, and the planet.

2019 – Colombia, Nicolás Samper Camargo

Nicolás Samper Camargo, a journalist for RCN Radio and a regular contributor to many of Colombia’s most distinguished media outlets. He is a well recognized journalistic reporting on Colombian and international soccer, and therefore, a voice that impacts millions of men. Nicolás not only answered to the call to support WVD and Profamilia, but he decided to make the decision to get a vasectomy as part of the 2019 campaign. He opened the doors of his workspace and privacy to share his story as a testimony of his belief in the joint responsibility and importance of gender equity in contraception. Thanks to his courage, thousands of people in Colombia were able to see the simplicity, effectiveness, and importance of vasectomy, and for that, we recognize him as the recipient of the 2019 Exemplary Vasectomy History award.


The success of our movement depends on vasectomy providers who go beyond the call of duty in their commitment and compassion for the craft, for their colleagues and for their clients. This award honors an individual vasectomy provider who, through their work, has made an extraordinary contribution to our movement.

2016 – India, Dr. Baljit Kaur

Dr. Baljit Kaur received her medical degree in 1990, and by 1999 was specializing in No Scalpel Vasectomy,  and in 2000 became a trainer for NSV for the Government of India. In 2007 she received a national award in recognition of outstanding contribution in the field of no scalpel vasectomy by the Minstry of Health and Family Welfare. Her efforts on behalf of family planning, HIV medicine,  male and female sterilization methods, and mobilizing on behalf of no scalpel vasectomy, and her tireless promotion of including men in the conversation about family planning make her a most deserving recipient of this, the first Elliot-Smith award. Thank you, Dr. Kaur, for your great contributions to the promotion of vasectomy with your esteemed colleague, Dr. Kaza.

2017 – United States, Dr. Doug Stein

This year, the first award goes to a doctor whose commitment to vasectomy is beyond compare. Not only did he give up his practice as a urologist to commit to doing vasectomies (and also vasectomy reversals) of the highest caliber, but he helped start a foundation that travels the world offering free vasectomies to men who otherwise would have no access to these services. His support for World Vasectomy Day has never faltered, and without him, this movement to include men in the conversation about family planning would not exist. We are honored and privileged to be able to present this award to Dr. Doug Stein, who has provided over 45,000 vasectomies in his practice, not including those of his volunteer activities around the world. Thank you, Doug!

2019 – Colombia, Dr. Diana Torres

Dr. Diana Torres, general practitioner of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and urologist of the Universidad del Rosario and a graduate in Clinical Sexology from the FUCS, is one of the first female urologists in the country, the first woman to perform vasectomies in the city of Bogotá and the person responsible for bringing World Vasectomy Day to Colombia.
She has been committed to her work at Profamilia for 21 years, in which she has performed nearly 35,000 vasectomies. Dr. Diana is a pioneer in the use of the thermocautery vasectomy technique in the country, which she has perfected while participating in innovative training in Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. Her leadership, dedication and contribution to male participation in contraception in the country, makes her a recipient of the 2019 Award for Excellence in Vasectomy Practice.

Thanks to our donors!


To achieve its potential and fulfill its purpose, a vasectomy program depends on institutions, organizations and advocates, whose unswerving commitment provides the leadership needed for success. This award honors individuals whose impassioned work as members of major organizations – both public and private – have made a substantial difference in their country.

2016  – Philippines, Frohnie Cagitan

Frohnie Cagitan from the largely Catholic country of Philippines, advocates for family planning through the promotion of vasectomy and has moved many in Cebu to a greater understanding of the benefits of taking control of family size, lifting children out of poverty, and creating opportunities that benefit everyone in the family and the community.  With tireless energy and commitment she advocates, sensitizes, and opens the doors for frank discussions about family planning that are difficult in these circumstances. We honor her for her dedication, perserverence, eternal cheer and enthusiasm. Thank you Frohnie!

2017 – Kenya, Nimrod Silla

Kenya is a country where we were told no men would accept vasectomy. Nevertheless, using Nimrod’s skills as a graphic designer for our posters, billboard and brochure, his gift as a youth organizer and theatrical producer, and his street smarts to engage people in true dialog about what it means to be a responsible man. we did 72 during the day, and many more after. The demand has remained higher in Kenya as a result, with reports from doctors there that they’re still seeing an increased demand in their practice.

Our gratitude to Nimrod for all his creativity, energy, kindness, and commitment is expressed in this award, which he so richly deserves.

2019 – Mexico, Act. Yolanda Varela

Mexico’s vasectomy program provided by the National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health serves as a model for the rest of the world. Led by Act. Yolanda Varela Chavez, their enthusiasm and support for World Vasectomy Day and their unrelenting commitment to innovation and creativity has transformed their program and led to unprecedented growth.

Excellence in promoting men’s participation in contraception makes them recipients of the 2019 WVD Award for Excellence in Institutional Promotion of Vasectomy.


Many doctors, family planning advocates and community organizers often toil in anonymity and at great personal sacrifice while never swerving from their commitment to serve a purpose and a cause  greater than themself.  This award honors an individual who has dedicated his or her life in service of others and leaves a legacy of excellence that others might follow.

2016 – India, Dr. Ramchandra Kaza

Dr. Ramchandra Kaza is the father of no scalpel vasectomy in India. He was a successful surgeon in 1992 when he learned the no-scapel technique, and recognized that the value of this minor surgery to family planning was a needed, effective, and underutilized method of permanent contraception that had to be promoted in India. With government approval but no funding, and giving up his surgical practice, he set out to train doctors in 440 of India’s 600 districts, using his own funds until the government of India finally recognized the great value of his work to the nation. India now celebrates World Vasectomy Day for an entire month each year, largely due to the dedication of Dr. Kaza. Thank you, Dr. Kaza, for the lifetime of sacrifice and dedication to a noble and worthwhile educational effort on behalf of your country and all the others you have inspired.

2017 – Philippines/United States, Dr. Ramon Suarez

Finally, this year we also have a special lifetime award for another doctor who has spent his career promoting vasectomy as a responsible choice for men. Dr. Ramon Suarez, originally from the Philippines and now residing in Florida, started the organization No Scalpel Vasectomy International. With Doug, Ramon has been an ambassador for vasectomy around the world, performing thousands of vasectomies in Haiti, Kenya, Philippines, and many other places. It’s our pleasure to recognize and thank Ramon for his lifetime of promoting, educating, and demystifying the procedure for thousands of families worldwide. It’s a true honor to be able to acknowledge Dr. Suarez for his endless efforts on behalf of both NSVI and World Vasectomy Day, and to thank him in person on this, our fifth anniversary!

2019 – Canada, Dr. Michel Labrecque

For hundreds of healthcare professionals globally, Dr Labrecque symbolizes dedication, commitment, mentorship, and innovation in the field of men’s sexual and reproductive health. For WVD, in addition to his professional career, Dr. Labrecque is an ally, a friend, and a creative and caring colleague who is always ready to change the world one vasectomy at a time. With this award, we recognize his contributions to male contraception through research, innovation and excellence, and his ongoing commitment to promoting vasectomy best practices around the world.


What is Elliot Smith Award?

World Vasectomy Day offers the Elliot-Smith Award to a country and program that demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to building a sustainable and scalable sexual and reproductive health program for men, including vasectomy.

With the award comes a year-long commitment to provide support for the winning program and organization, including site visits, webinars and direct program assistance. The award consists of a combination of cash, technical support, medical training, supplies, research and demand generation programs valued in excess of $10,000.00. The award is named in honor of Dr. Arthur Elliot-Smith, renowned urologist and surgeon and one of the early advocates for Vasectomy in the UK.

Born in Cairo, Egypt in 1901, he trained in Clare College, Cambridge, University College Hospital and the Royal Post-Graduate Hospital, London. Then in 1939, Dr. Elliot-Smith was appointed Consultant Surgeon to the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. A renowned surgeon, a highly respected teacher and a modest man with a constant air of serenity, he left behind a legacy of excellence in care for others to follow.

A fearless advocate for vasectomy, Dr. Elliot-Smith helped launch the Simon Trust Vasectomy Clinic in 1970. Despite prevailing doubts about male sterilization, during their first two years, the clinic was responsible for over 2,000 out-patient vasectomies.  A man committed to caring for the planet, Dr. Elliot-Smith felt that a vasectomy was a man’s greatest gift to family and the environment. After his death, the health institution he had helped build was renamed the Elliot-Smith Clinic and by 2014, 40,000+ surgeries had been performed, all under local anaesthesia.

To honor his exceptional commitment to our field, World Vasectomy Day is proud to announce the Arthur Elliot-Smith Award for Excellence in Developing a Sustainable Vasectomy Program.

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